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Table 2 FIGO Staging of endometrial carcinoma and adapted MRI findingsa

From: MRI of endometrium cancer – how we do it

FIGO Stage Tumour invasion MR imaging findings
I Tumour confined to uterus  
 IA ≤50 % of myometrium Abnormal SI in endometrial cavity or confined to inner half of myometrium
 IB >50 % of myometrium Extends into the outer half of myometrium
II Cervical stromal invasion, but not extension beyond uterus Disruption or focal thinning of cervical stroma
III Local or regional spread  
 IIIA Serosa of uterus and/or adnexa Disruption or irregular uterine contour caused by tumour; ovarian nodular tumour
 IIIB Vagina or parametria Direct tumour extension of upper vagina or/and parametrial tissues
 IIIC Metastases to pelvic and/or paraaortic lymph nodes  
 IIIC1 Pelvic nodes Lymph nodes >8 mm in short axis
 IIIC2 Paraaortic nodes w/wo pelvic nodes Lymph nodes >10 mm in short axis
IV Bladder/bowel mucosa; or distant metastases  
 IVA Bladder/bowel mucosa Tumour disrupts bladder or bowel muscle and invades mucosa; not bullous edema
 IVB Metastases abdominal and extraabdominal; inguinal lymph nodes Tumour deposits at distal sites including peritoneal mets, bladder, bone liver mets, and distal lymph node metastases
  1. aAdapted from FIGO Commitee on Gynecologic cancers. FIGO classification of cancer of the vulva, cervix, and corpus uteri. International Journal of Gynecology Obstetrics 2014; 115:97–98