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Table 1 Additional findings with corresponding symptoms and interventions

From: Post-PRRT scans: which scans to make and what to look for

# Clinical signs prior to PRRT Additional finding Change in clinical signs at time of additional finding Intervention
8 Nausea, poor appetite, irregular defecation C1-C4: ascites Unchanged None
9 Daily flushing, tube feeding C3-C4: ascites C4: poor condition, palpitations None, referral cardiologist
15 Daily diarrhea due to ileotranversostomia C2: lung nodule
C3-C4: pleural effusion
Unchanged None
19 Daily flushing, abdominal pain C2: ascites Unchanged Treated for ileus 2 weeks later
34 Daily diarrhea C3-C4: pleural effusion Unchanged C4: exculpatory puncture (> 400 mL)
35 Frequent flushes, diarrhea, WHO status 3 C3: ascites, bowel ischemia C3: abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting C3: Treated for ischemia 2 weeks later based on progressive pain and vomiting
56 Progressive abdominal pain, obstipation/diarrhea C3-C4: bowel widening C4: edema of the ankles None
69 Diarrhea C1-C4: pleural effusion C3: lack of energy C1 and C4: pleural puncture and drainage
87 Abdominal pain, tube feeding, diarrhea C1-C4: ascites
C2-C4: pleural effusion
Unchanged None
94 Daily flushes C3: ileus C3: loss of apetite None
98 No symptoms C3: ascites Unchanged None
  1. C1 = cycle 1, C2 = cycle 2, C3 = cycle 3, C4 = cycle 4