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Table 3 Summary of 13 patients (10 previously published cases with available CT images and our three cases)

From: Multidetector CT findings of primary pleural angiosarcoma : a systematic review, an additional cases report

Image findings Number of patients
No pleural effusion 2
Pleural effusion(Bilateral/Unilateral) 11 (5/6)
High density effusion(Hemothorax) on CT 5 (2 hemothorax with nodule, 3 hemothorax without nodules)
Pleural nodule(Single/multiple) 7 (1/6)
Mass shape Oval, irregular, lobulated
Mass location(A/B/C)* (2/3/2)*
Heterogeneous / Homogeneous Single (1), multiple (5)/multiple (1)
Mass enhancement on enhanced CT 6
Internal calcification 2 (1TB pleurisy sequela).
Directly invasion to adjacent structures 1 cardiac and chest wall invasion, 1 rib destruction, 1 liver invasion
Metastasis 1 gingival and skin; 1 multiple lung, rib, and axial skeleton metastasis
  1. *A: parietal pleura, B: parietal and visceral pleura, C: pleural and extrapleural
  2. CT Computed tomography, TB Tuberculosis