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Table 2 Summary of multidetector chest CT findings in our three cases

From: Multidetector CT findings of primary pleural angiosarcoma : a systematic review, an additional cases report

Image findings Patient 1 (65/M) Patient 2 (75/M) Patient 3 (67/M)
Pleural effusion Yes No Yes
 Bilateral or unilateral Bilateral   Unilateral
High-density effusion (hemothorax) No   No (4000 cc on pleurodesis)
Pleural nodule
 Single or multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple
Mass size 1-2 cm 6 cm, 8.4 cm 2.8 cm~10cm
Mass shape Oval, discrete Oval, biconvex Irregular, conglomerated
Mass location Parietal pleura Pleura and extrapleural Visceral and parietal pleura
Mass net-enhancement Poorly enhancing Poorly enhancing (10 HU) Moderate enhancing (18.6 HU)
Homogeneity Heterogeneous Heterogeneous Heterogeneous
Internal calcification/ air No Calcification No
Internal necrosis Yes Yes Yes
Directly invasion of adjacent structures No Chest wall, Lt. 6-8th ribs Liver invasion
Distant metastasis No Lung, ribs, vertebrae, lymph nodes Adrenal gland, scapula, ribs, vertebrae, and sacrum
  1. CT computed tomography; HU hounsfield unit