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Table 3 Cases with local recurrence at the ablation zone and resection site including therapy after recurrence

From: MRI-guided percutaneous thermoablation in combination with hepatic resection as parenchyma-sparing approach in patients with primary and secondary hepatic malignancies: single center long-term experience

CaseRecurrence locationTarget tumorNon-local recurrence during follow-upInitial Therapy after local recurrenceFurther therapies during follow-up
1RSHCCyesSIRTSystemic therapy
2AZ + RSCRLMyesSystemic therapy
3RSHCCyesSystemic therapy
4AZCRLMyesSIRTSystemic therapy
5AZCRLMyesSystemic therapy
6AZCRLMyesHepatic resectionSystemic therapy
7AZCRLMyesThermal ablationThermal ablation
8AZCRLMyesThermal ablation
9RSHCCnoSIRTSystemic therapy
10RSCRLMyesSystemic therapy
11AZHCCyesThermal ablationThermal ablaton (2x)
  1. AZ Ablation zone, RS Resection site, SIRT Selective internal radiation therapy, CRLM Colorectal liver metastases, HCC Hepatocellular carcinoma