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Fig. 3

From: Diagnostic value of multislice spiral computed tomography (CT) combined with CT angiography for intra-abdominal undescended testis secondary seminomas

Fig. 3

A 27-y-old male patient who had persistent abdominal pain for 2 wk. a A tumor located in the midline area of the lower abdomen. The tumor was oval, with a thickened tortuous artery visible at the right anterior lateral margin (arrow). b VR images showed that the supply arteries originated from the right anterior abdominal aortic wall 2 cm below the right renal ostia. The testicular arteries showed a dendritic distribution, with a branch-like shape (red arrow). The testicular arteries were clearly displayed, whereas the testicular veins were poorly displayed, which was consistent with the testicular vascular pedicle sign. c Coronal MPR showed a complete capsule (thin arrow) and a clear left spermatic cord (thick arrow). The right spermatic cord was absent

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