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Cancer Imaging

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MR and PET/CT imaging in diagnosis of large pelvic masses

  • S De Luca1Email author,
  • MF Grana1,
  • E Casalini Vañek1,
  • L Tolkachier1,
  • L Alarcon1 and
  • E Eyheremendy1
Cancer Imaging201515(Suppl 1):P48

Published: 2 October 2015


Public HealthCancer ResearchClinical ApplicationFemale PatientContent Organisation

Learning objectives

Discuss possible causes of pelvic masses in female patients.

Discuss utility and clinical applications of MRI combined with PET/CT in the management of these patients.

Illustrate cases presented as large pelvic masses, of gynaecological and non gynaecological origin.

Content organisation

MRI and PET/CT techniques.

Causes of pelvic masses in female patients.

Specific MRI and PET/CT findings.

Sample cases and mimics.


The combined or isolated use of MR and PET / CT demonstrated to be useful in detecting gynaecological pathologies and in most cases it also allowed the identification of the organ of origin, extent and staging of the lesion.

PET / CT is a useful tool in cases where the assessment of MR is not enough.

Authors’ Affiliations

Hospital Aleman, Buenos Aires, Argentina


© De Luca et al. 2015

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