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Cancer Imaging

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Thoracic pseudotumours: a pictorial essay

  • S De Luca1Email author,
  • C Carrera1,
  • A Zanfardini1,
  • L Tolkachier1,
  • D Pascuzzi1 and
  • E Eyheremendy1
Cancer Imaging201515(Suppl 1):P26

Published: 2 October 2015


PneumoniaTuberculosisSarcoidosisMalignant LesionLung Tumour

Learning objectives

Imaging appearance of primary lung tumour conditions that on initial radiological studies might be confused with malignant lesions.

Content organisation

Diagnostic tools for evaluation of thoracic tumours and pseudotumours. We included in the differential diagnosis:

Paraffinoma (1), a hydatid cyst (1), inflammatory pseudotumour (3), nodular tuberculosis (2) and sarcoidosis granulomas (1), round pneumonia (1), nodular criptococosis (1), post-surgical or tuberculosis scarring processes (2), organising cryptogenetic pneumonia (2) and round atelectasis (3).


There are several diseases that can mimic tumours of the chest. It is necessary to take them into account and know how to use diagnostic keys for an accurate diagnosis.

Authors’ Affiliations

Hospital Aleman, Buenos Aires, Argentina


© De Luca et al. 2015

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