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Cancer Imaging

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Spots and dots in the bones

  • Philippa Tyler1, 2
Cancer Imaging201515(Suppl 1):O4

Published: 2 October 2015


Imaging TechniqueNormal VariantDiffusion Weighted ImagingBone LesionSkeletal Metastasis

Cancer imaging is frequently at the cutting edge of new imaging techniques which are often rapidly incorporated into routine use.

Skeletal metastatic disease is a frequent complication of neoplastic conditions, and results in specific challenges to the general radiologist and specialist oncological radiologist alike.

Non-neoplastic conditions and normal variants may simulate skeletal metastases, and the radiologist must recognise such cases and avoid over-investigation and unnecessary treatment.

This lecture will briefly review standard imaging techniques and demonstrate normal appearances, normal variants and non-neoplastic lesions that mimic primary and secondary skeletal malignancy, and will then review a spectrum of malignancy-associated bone lesions with the use of standard and more specialised imaging techniques, including PET MRI, PET CT and diffusion weighted imaging,.

Expected post treatment imaging findings, and treatment-associated complications will also be discussed.

Authors’ Affiliations

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, UK
Institute of Orthopaedics, University College London, UK


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