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Highlights from the Abdominal Radiology Course, February 16–21, 2003, Cancun, Mexico

The 32nd Annual Post-Graduate Course and Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Gastrointestinal Radiologists (SGR) and 28th Scientific Assembly of the Society of Uroradiology (SUR) held their combined meeting under the umbrella of the Abdominal Radiology Course (ARC 2003) February 16–21, 2003, in Cancun, Mexico.

The meeting was attended by approximately 508 participants, which included members and non-members of both societies. There were 438 participants from North America, 40 from Europe and 16 from Asia. The meeting was partly supported by 16 vendors. The SGR and the SUR had separate scientific research paper presentations on the first day of the meeting. There were 30 such oral presentations made at the SGR session and 28 presentations at the session of the SUR. As the two sessions were presented in adjacent ballrooms, it was nice to move from one to another to view presentations of interest to the individual. The SGR gave the Wylie J. Dodds Research Award to the group from the University of California at San Francisco for their innovative work on ‘Non-Invasive Evaluation of Pathology and Prediction of Outcome in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Role of MR Imaging and Spectroscopy’. The SUR gave its top paper award to the group from the University of Michigan for its work on ‘Multidetector CT Urography of Upper Tract Uroepithelial Malignancy’.

There were a total of 55 main course lectures of which 23 were devoted to oncological imaging and included state-of-the-art imaging techniques with CT, MR and PET in the detection, staging and treatment of various neoplasms. There were also a total of 47 workshops of which 34 were dedicated to imaging and treatment of malignant neoplasms of the abdomen and pelvis. Several members of ICIS took part in the meeting as speakers for the workshops and the main course lectures.

State-of-the-art imaging techniques in the diagnosis of renal, prostate, and urothelial malignancies were discussed in the SUR part of the meeting. The SGR had a special session on the detection and staging of colorectal cancer including virtual colonoscopy. There was also a special lecture on the role of whole-body screening using CT and MR for the detection of a variety of malignancies, especially lung and colorectal cancer.

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