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Table 1 The definition of Blood flow grade and Vascular architecture classification

From: The comparative study of color doppler flow imaging, superb microvascular imaging, contrast-enhanced ultrasound micro flow imaging in blood flow analysis of solid renal mass

Blood flow grade
Grade definition description
I small amount of blood flow 1 to 2 point or fine rod-shaped vessels in the lesion
II medium blood flow 3 ~ 4 punctate vessels or 1 important vessel, the length of which can be close to or beyond the radius of the lesion
III rich blood flow more than 5 punctate vessels or 2 long vessels
Vascular architecture classification
Type definition description
I no blood flow no blood flow signal was detected in the tumor
II stellate blood flow the blood flow signal inside the tumor is rare, showing stellate distribution
III low blood flow with small blood vessel implantation in the tumor, but rarely with blood flow signal beyond the center of the renal tumor
IV universal blood flow there is circumferential blood flow around the tumor and a little blood implantation can be seen inside
V multi-blood flow there are blood vessels around the tumor, and multiple or intermittent and relatively thick blood flow signals can be seen inside