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Table 2 3T bpMRI protocol with the sequence parameters for T2WI and DWI are shown below. Only the axial T2WI and DWI were repeated using the ERC-PAC and PAC acquisitions. DCE-MRI was performed only once during the exam, using either ERC-PAC or PAC, depending on the order of randomization

From: Prostate MRI using a rigid two-channel phased-array endorectal coil: comparison with phased array coil acquisition at 3 T

Sequence TR TE FA SA GRAPPA AT ST (mm) FOV Matrix
Axial T2WI 6460 116 137 2 2 5:25 3 180x180 320x320
Axial DWI* 8700 72 90 1,4,8 2 6:24 3 250x250 114x114
  1. Abbreviations: TR Time to repetition, TE Time to echo, FA Flip angle, SA Signal averages, GRAPPA Generalized Autocalibrating Partial Parallel Acquisition factor, AT Acquisition time (min:sec), ST Slice thickness, and FOV Field of view.
  2. *b-values used were 50,1000, 2000