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Table 3 Univariate analysis related to OS 

From: TIPS improves outcomes in patients with HCC and symptomatic portal hypertension: a multi-institution experience

  1. HE Hepatic encephalopathy, PT Prothrombin time, BCLC Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer, PVTT Portal vein tumor thrombosis, AFP Alpha fetoprotein, CI Confidence interval; ‡One month after TIPS, the Child-Pugh stage and Child-Pugh score were reassessed. The responses to TIPS: complete response (CR), no further variceal bleeding and having no clinically detectable ascites with or without diuretic or salt-restricted diet; partial response (PR), having a small amount of ascites not requiring special paracentesis; and nonresponse (NR), having a large amount of ascites needing special intervention or variceal bleeding recurrence. §Including transarterial chemoembolization and ablation. P* Chi-square test