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Table 2 List of 13 radiomic features parameters

From: Baseline MRI-based radiomics model assisted predicting disease progression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients with complete response after treatment

Texture type Texture parameters Abbreviations
First order CET1-w_local binary pattern-2D_Variance Variance_T1
CET1-w_local binary pattern-2D_Interquartile Range IQR_T1
CET1-w_wavelet-HLL_Minimum Minimum_T1
CET1-w_wavelet-HHL_Kurtosis Kurtosis_T1H
CET1-w_wavelet-LHL_Kurtosis Kurtosis_T1L
T2-w_wavelet-LHH_Kurtosis Kurtosis_T2
T2-w_squareroot_Skewness Skewness_T2
GLSZM CET1-w_wavelet-LHH_Gray Level Non-Uniformity GLNU_T1
CET1-w_wavelet-HLL_High Gray Level Zone Emphasis HGLZE_T1
T2-w_wavelet-HLL_High Gray Level Zone Emphasis HGLZE_T2H
T2-w_wavelet-LHH_High Gray Level Zone Emphasis HGLZE_T2L
GLDM CET1-w_wavelet-LHL_Dependence Variance DV_T1
CET1-w_wavelet-LHL_Large Dependence Low Gray Level Emphasis LDLGLE_T1