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Table 1 Demographic and clinical characteristics of participants

From: Pentixafor PET/CT for imaging of chemokine receptor 4 expression in esophageal cancer – a first clinical approach

Patient no. Age Gender Grading UICC TNM Sample origin Histology
#1 61 m GX cT2 cN1 cM0 I SCC
#2 72 m G2 cT4 cN2 cM0 III SCC
#3 76 m G3 cT2 cN1 cM0 II Adeno
#4 58 m G3 uT3 cN2 cM0 I SCC
#5 70 m G2 uT3 cN0 cM0 II Adeno
#6 75 m G2 uT3 cN+ cM0 I Adeno
#7 53 m G2 cT3–4 cN2 cM0 I SCC
#8 74 w GX uT3 cN+ cM0 III SCC
#9 70 w GX uT3 cN1 cM0 II SCC
#10 61 m G2 cT3–4 cN2 cM1 III SCC
  1. Adeno Adenocarcinoma, SCC Squamous cell cancer, UICC TNM The Union for International Cancer Control Tumor Node Metastasis Classification of Malignant Tumours, 7th Edition, I collection by oesophago-gastroduodenoscopy, II collection by surgery, III no sample available for CXCR4 expression determination