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Table 1 Radiomic features derived from the images

From: Pharmacokinetic parameters and radiomics model based on dynamic contrast enhanced MRI for the preoperative prediction of sentinel lymph node metastasis in breast cancer

Calculation Methods Radiomics Features Feature Numbers
Histogram Frequency size, Quantile, Variance, Kurtosis, Skewness, etc. 42
GLSZM Size Zone Variability, Large Area Emphasis, High Intensity Emphasis etc. 11
Haralick matrix HaraEntroy, Contrast, Inverse Difference Moment, Sum Average, Sum Variance 10
Form factor matrix Maximum 3D Diameter, Spherical Disproportion, Sphericity, Surface Area, etc. 9
GLCM ClusterProminence_AllDirection_offset1, Correlation_AllDirection_offset1, GLCMEnergy_angle45_offset4, etc. 144
RLM Grey Level Non-Uniformity All Direction, High Grey Level Run Emphasis Angle Offset, Run Length Non-uniformity Angle Offset, etc. 180