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Table 4 Suspicious malignant cancers detected by WB-MRI in the published studies

From: Whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (WB-MRI) for cancer screening in asymptomatic subjects of the general population: review and recommendations

AuthorHeadNeckChestAbdomenPelvisLower limbsSpineMRI mammography
Goehde371NCbrain suspicious lesion   1NClung suspicious lesion1Hrenal cell carcinoma            
Baumgart38      2Hbronchial adenocarcinoma5Hrenal cell carcinomas            
Lo41   1Hthyroid follicular carcinoma1Hbronchial adenocarcinoma1Hrenal cell carcinoma            
          1Hneuronedocrine tumor            
Takahara42      1Hlung cancer               
Hegenscheid431NCmalignant head lesion3NCmalignant neck lesions   21NCmalignant urinary tract lesions17NCfemale genital malignant lesions   2NAmalignant vertebral lesions3NAmalignant lesions
          7NCmalignant abdominal organs lesions      8NAmetastases (site not specified)   
Cieszanowski441Hglioma   1Hbronchial adenocarcinoma2Hrenal cell carcinomas1Hovarian tumor         
       1Hmetastases   1Htesticular tumor         
Tarnoki45            1NCpararectal suspicious lesion         
Ulus46         1Hrenal cell carcinoma            
          1Hadrenal carcinoma            
          1Hpancreatic cystadenoma            
Lee48   1ITongue cancer   3NCsuspicious renal lesions            
          1Irenal cell carcinoma            
Hou401Ioptic nerve glioma2Hpapillary thyroid carcinoma2Hlymphoma5Hrenal cell carcinomas6Hprostate cancers         
       1Hthymoma1Hlow-grade intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm2Hurinary bladder carcinomas         
  1. H = histologically confirmed, I = confirmed by further imaging, NC = non confirmed, NA = not investigated