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Table 2 Sequence parameters of the comprehensive MRI protocol

From: The added diagnostic value of complementary gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI to 18F-DOPA-PET/CT for liver staging in medullary thyroid carcinoma

SequenceTR, msTE, msFOV, mmFOV phaseFlip angleB-value, s/mm2Respiratory control
T1w in-phase1104.7636087.5%70°n/abreath-hold
T1w out-of-phase1102.5036087.5%70°n/abreath-hold
T1w 3D GRE fs unenhanced, arterial phase, portal venous phase, late dynamic phase, and hepatobiliary phase3.351.1940087.5%15°n/abreath-hold
T2w HASTE80054.0036088.8%180°n/atrigger
T2w turbo-spin-echo2860107.0036087.5%180°n/abreath-hold
Diffusion weighted imaging280080.0040075.0%n/a50breath-hold
Diffusion weighted imaging280080.0040075.0%n/a400breath-hold
Diffusion weighted imaging280080.0040075.0%n/a800breath-hold
  1. GRE gradient echo, fs fat sat, HASTE half fourier acquisition single shot turbo spin echo, TR time to repetiton, TE time to echo, FOV field of view