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Table 2 Summary of computerized features in distinguishing between malignant and benign on dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging.

From: Independent validation of machine learning in diagnosing breast Cancer on magnetic resonance imaging within a single institution

Feature Description
Irregularity Deviation of the lesion surface from the surface of a sphere
Surface to volume ratio (1/mm) Ration of surface area to volume
Margin sharpness Mean of the image gradient at the lesion margin
Energy Measure of image homogeneity
Information measure of correlation Measure of nonlinear gray-level dependence
Sum Average Measure of the overall image brightness
Maximum enhancement Maximum contrast enhancement
Time to peak Time at which the maximum enhancement occurs
Washout rate (1/s) Washout speed of the contrast enhancement
Volume of most enhancing voxels (mm3) Volume of the most enhancing voxels