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Table 1 MRI of laser-ablated lesion: Immediate and early stage (0 to 3 months post procedures)

From: Neurosurgical applications of MRI guided laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT)

Structural anatomy Histology MRI features
Central zone Coagulative necrosis (damage of nuclear membrane and mitochondria, engorged blood vessels, RBCs with cell membrane defects and no Hemoglobin) Hyper None Hypo
Peripheral zone Necrotizing edema (intracellular edema, ↑granulocyte, lymphocyte, and macrophages) Hypo None Hyper
Outer rim bordering the peripheral zone Damaged blood vessels and granulation tissue Hypo/Hyper Enhanced Hypo
Perifocal edema (outside the peripheral zone) Vasogenic edema with viable cells Hypo None Hyper
  1. RBC red blood cell, T1WI T1-weighted image, T2WI T2-weighted image, C contrast, hyper hyperintense, hypo hypointense