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Table 2 Our patient questionnaire that we use routinely to provide additional history that may assist PET interpretation

From: How We Read Oncologic FDG PET/CT

• When did you last eat?
• Are you diabetic? If yes, what type of diabetic medications are you taking? When did you last have them?
• Have you had any surgery, biopsies or day procedures in the last 5 years? Provide a brief list.
• Do you have any prosthetic implants or drainage bags?
• Have you had any recent infections?
• List any other previous illness.
• Do you suffer with any pain at the moment? If so where?
• Have you ever had chemotherapy? When did you last receive this treatment?
• Have you ever had radiotherapy? When did you last receive this treatment?
• Are you taking any hormone therapy?
• Are you currently takin any medicines or tablets? Please list.
• Are you or were you ever a smoker?
• For female patients, is there any possibility that you may be pregnant? When was your last menstrual period?