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Fig. 7

From: How We Read Oncologic FDG PET/CT

Fig. 7

Patient with non-small cell lung cancer treated with curative intent radiotherapy. Post treatment restaging PET/CT demonstrated a complete metabolic response (ad, c upper SUV threshold adjusted to liver background as detailed above, d upper SUV threshold of 5). Follow-up CT 9 months later demonstrated enlargement of multiple mediastinal nodes considered likely to represent malignant aetiology. Repeat PET/CT (ei) demonstrated low-to-moderate uptake in these nodes. Given the symmetry of distribution in hilar and mediastinal nodes the aetiology was considered inflammatory, which was confirmed by resolution on follow-up. Thresholding the PET with a SUV threshold of 5 (hi) might lead to erroneous description of intense uptake and interpretation as malignant in aetiology

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